Image by Davide Cantelli


'A ketogenic diet is designed to bring about ketosis, breaking down of body fat into ketones, and allow the body to run on ketones rather than glucose.

There are a number of ways in which ketosis can be brought about and therefore there are a number of different variants of ketogenic diet.'

A standard Ketogenic diets consists of low-carbs , moderate-protein, and high fat contents. 

In terms of grams per day, a typical standard ketogenic diet would be:

  • 20-50g of carbohydrate 

  • 40-60g of protein 

  • No set limit for fat 

There is no set limit for fat as we all burn a varied amount throughout the day.​​Standard ketogenic diets have consistently shown success in helping people to lose weight, improve blood glucose control and improve heart health. Go see our other DietingPages to see which Keto Diet might suit you.... Keto Diets vary, from high-protein to high MCT which can help those suffering from epilepsy ​